Welcome to the team Cole!

Tue, Jan 3, 2012

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Name  Cole Karow
Age   16
Home    Superior, Mt.
Home Mountain    Lookout Pass
Main goal in snowboarding: To be a good influence, have fun, and learn new tricks!
When im not riding: Skating, Working, and Kicking it with friends.
My Story: Lets see, I moved to Montana in 2008 from the Mid-West. That winter was my frist time really snowboarding, and it came pretty easy to me. Since then I was falling in love and progressing everytime I rode. Lookout pass isnt the biggest mountain but dang it is sure one of the chillest and most freindly mountains! Edge of the World  is always the best place for gear and the coolest place to be associated with. Now I just have fun and ride:)
More pix and footy coming soon! Photos courtesy of Ken Stockard.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the team Cole!”

  1. Kenneth Stockard Says:

    Why do these pics look so amazing yet so familiar and the dont say courtesy of Ken Stockard or photo taken by… I’d appreciate the publicity. Especially since i did it for free. Keep Shreddin Bud!!!

  2. Cole Says:

    Thanks for beeing a good friend and taking these pictures kenny, we need to get some more action shots with your new cam!

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