Snow-Mazing Weekend Re-cap and results!

Mon, Mar 4, 2013

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Thanks to all our reps who came out and ran demos for everyone!

Thanks to all our reps who came out and ran demos for everyone!


“Anyone who’s not here, raise your hand.” Classic coach Jake competitor meeting…

First off, we want to thank everyone who came out to our Snow-Mazing weekend and either competed, shoveled, helped or just plain hung out; you all rule! We only get Snowbowl for one weekend a year and you all helped us make the most of it! That being said, here are the results from the past weekend as well as a few other pics. If any of you out there have any fun pics from this past weekend, please feel free to post them to our facebook page; thx and see ya in 2014!

Slopestyle Results

Groms (13 & Under)
1st. Levi Barrow
2nd. Devin Pennington
3rd. Orn Smith

Boys (14 – 17)
1st. Cole Karow
2nd. Tucker Troupe
3rd. Cam Fuller

Bros (18 – 25)
1st. Mikey Swearingen
2nd. Blaine Limburg
3rd. Chris Richards

Tough Guys (26 & Up)
1st. Jared Ankem
2nd. Adam Washebeck
3rd. Tie – Clay Reeseman, Jesse Hollis

1st. Lenore Bushey
2nd. Kat Farnum
3rd. April Pennington

Napsacks were heavily used this weekend. Camp Vibes...

Napsacks were heavily used this weekend. Camp Vibes…

Banked Slalom Results

Groms (12 & Under)
1st. Aven Eder 1:03.7
2nd. Levi Barrow 1:12.2
3rd. Devin Pennington 1:12:8

Junior Jrs. (13 – 17)
1st. Cam Fuller 1:02.1
2nd. Ollie Barrow 1:14.01
3rd. Copeland Burchenhill 1:24.8

Bros (18 – 26)
1st. Troy Staker 56.3
2nd. Joey Bruce 57.4
3rd. Ty Bacon 57.7

Once Was (27 – 35)
1st. Jared Ankem 58.2
2nd. Adam Washebeck 58.9
3rd. Andrew Bassett 59.0

Hunks & Drunks (36 – 40)
1st. Jamie Dubosque 58.7
2nd. Ross Peterson 1:00.0
3rd. Ryan Davis 1:02.2

Fossils (41 & Up)
1st. Mike Faris 1:04.6
2nd. Ben Croft 1:07.0
3rd. Peter Weber 1:12.3

1st. Ana Bengston 1:04.2
2nd. Kim Peterson 1:23.9
3rd. April Pennington 1:26.2

Youngest Girl
Macey McQuilkin Age 8, 1:58.8

Thx Snowbowl crew for the awesom-ness!

Thx Snowbowl crew for the awesome-ness!

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  1. Jonny Wavis Says:

    So much fun! Thanks EOW and Snowbowl for the memories!

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