Rainbows are awesome…

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

Bacon, Videos

double rainbow, what does it mean?

So it’s no question that I like myself some rainbows. I snapped this a couple nights ago out of my backyard. I was in awe for sure; but not nearly as much as this guy. What does it mean?

3 Responses to “Rainbows are awesome…”

  1. kmarks Says:

    it means the drugs are now working, enough with the crying already!…. herb

  2. Chavez Travford Says:

    i think he wiped it out and started jakin it,totaly creamin pants for rainbows! but why does he cry???? what does THAT mean?

  3. Dylan Tucker Says:

    Everyone, we can finally relax. I think I’ve found out what it means. Follow the link and you will find enlightenment.

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