Montana Skatepark Series stop #3 Missoula

They came, they saw, they schralped! The final stop of the Montana Skatepark Series was amazing to say the least. Tons of people showed up to watch the radness unfold, and did the skateboarders bring the heat! There were too many rad things happening to point out, but i can say this: THAT WAS SOME OF THE BEST SKATEBOARDING I HAVE SEEN EVER.PERIOD. We have the photos to prove it. Thanks to everyone who made this series possible, we cant wait for next year!

Young Guys
1.James Charboneau-St.-Missoula
2.Park Arneson-Missoula
3.Kaleb Paddock-Butte

15 and under
1.Corree G (Wombat)-St. Ignatus
2.Jeremiah Ferraro-Victor
3.Kade Lunday-Missoula

1.Marcos Castillo-Libby
2.Jordan Armijo-St. Ignatus
3.Gus White-Kalispell

17 and older
1.Jake Spencer-Missoula
2.Stan Ferraro-Missoula
3.Jeremiah Worm (Worm)-Bozeman

Overall Winners
16 and under-Marcos Castillo-Libby
17 and over-Matt Robertson-Missoula

The peanut gallery gathers

Young gun from up north, Wombat gets frontal on a 50-50


boardslides are a pretty easy trick, till you do them frontside on a square box. Jordan Armijo pushes through

Marcos may be a little punk, but this kickflip is gangster!

all i hear by looking at the photo of Matt Robertson doing this Back Blunt is SSSSSKKKKKEEEECCCCHHHH!

A sexy man to say the least, Jake Spencer shows the judges a good show with this tailslide

Worm with his patented Stalefish, So sick!

HARD. the skateboard, not the look.

All smiles from Marcos, you deserve it buddy!

“Im sexy, and yea, i know it”

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  1. James Fleege Says:

    Hell ya! Bringing down the hammer.

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