Montana Skatepark Series Stop #2 St. Ignatus Re-cap

Watching the radness happen

Only one word can describe how the second stop of the Montana Skatepark Series went. WOW! Tons of people, amazing skateboarding and one of Montana’s best skateparks made for one heck of a fun time! BIG thanks go out to Kristi and Bruce Nerby for their help with this contest, even arranging the fire department to come down and spray everyone down to stay cool! The Rippers came out of the wood work, and i can honestly say that was the hardest i have EVER seen that place get skated, Hands Down. With stop number two in the books, we can’t wait to see what happens at the final in Missoula on August 11th! Thanks to everyone who came out to make skateboarding in Montana one of the last best places to rip!


12 and Under
1st-Coree G (Wombat)-St. Ignatus
2nd-Donovan Garland -St. Ignatus
3rd-Tommy Mahseelah- St. Ignatus

16 and Under
1st- Marcos Castillo- Libby
2nd- Jordan Armijo-St. Ignatus
3rd- Scott Nelson- Helena

17 and over
1st-Jeremiah Worm (Worm)-Bozeman
2nd-Matt Robertson -Missoula
3rd-Garrett Umphress- Mammoth Lakes,CA

The Crowd Gathers


Little Ripper

Young guns going big!


Local ripper Jordan with a big ole Boardslide, one of the many tricks that got this kid 2nd


In case you didnt know already, this kid RIPS. Marcos Castillo with a Tre bomb


EOW Team shredder Jake Spencer is a kook, but not as kooky as this miller flip transfer over the spine. GNAR BALLS


Pretty Boi Swag. M-Rob Backside Wallride


Big Airs and Spine lines for days are why Worm Won. Huge Stalefish


The crew checkin’ the goods


The Young guns winner, Marcos is all smiles


Worm the Winner!


The firetruck bringing the cool down for the kiddo’s


Even the judges need to cool down to

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