Thu, Jun 23, 2011


M ROB! front blunt...throw it up!

It was one hell of a June 21st! Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support, we mobbed deep! It was so rad to skate all of our local spots with a grip of heads. Overall the day went pretty smooth, only a couple run ins with some overweight angry moms. After our skate (patio) tour we congregated back at our beloved EOW for the premier of Not Another Transworld Video, it stayed awesome.  Here are a couple shitty photos to recap the day.

He might be wearing your dads hat...but now you see where it's at..Jake..Bone(r) less

Like Will Smith in Wild Wild West Clipford shoots from the hip... quick draw Back Lip

Tic Tac race...winner was Kylie G.

Thanks to everyone who came for the magic day, I hope future GSD’s can bring as many smiles as this one.



8 Responses to “GO SKATE DAY RECAP.”

  1. Dylan Tucker Says:

    The tic tac photo is classic – looks like a gang of fratboy wrongboarders trying to get some cross campus sidewalk surfin’ action all at the same time. If only the next photo was everyone mongo-pushing in flippy floppies past a LARP match or ducking a slackline my day would be complete.Seriously, If it was just that photo, you’d never get the impression that all those Missoula heads actually rip. But then you get Matt, Jake and Cliff killing it as usual… (I remember those dudes from afterschool Math Leagues. Its nice to see they traded their Yu Gi Oh cards in for skateboards. I always thought they’d go far. ) Stoked everyone had a good time and got their skate on. What a perfect day for Go Skate in Missoula!
    BTW- If Jake doesn’t give them bonelesses back to Ian Graham he’s gonna get it- that’s a Graham original and we all know it. (I don’t think Ian will mind though, cause Jakey’s got style with his hipster hat and momjeans. Damn, he make them look good. And I think you got your ass-shot video cover photo right there.) But nobody does that spot up right like Johnny McIntosh: kickflip-fatty-to-flatty dirtrider-out like its still freshman year. F*ck, Missoula’s skaters are awesome. (Except for you, Thatonedude. You’re still a kook. Go play watersports or get into homebrewing or whatever. Seriously, you make skating faggier just by thinking about it. Gross.)
    Great job, EoW! Keep the webercising going so I can keep pretending I get to be skating at these rad events instead of staring at a computer. More photos! More vids! More slacklinin’, frisbee golf and teenage vampires!
    Or you could keep doing what you’re doing- making Missoula the best skate town around.
    Your choice, really. (Go with teenage vampires. So hot.)

  2. Dylan Tucker Says:

    Ok… I feel really bad about my insensitive comments about Thatonedude. How was I supposed to know he would suffer such an unfortunate accident on his uncle Donny’s jetski yesterday? I mean, shit… Who even rides those things anymore other than Kenny Powers!? I didn’t even know they still made them shits.
    So, I’m sorry. I apologize to the family and friend (all one of them.) of Thatonedude. May he rest in peace.
    Maybe he should’ve gone skating instead of jetskiing. I mean, studies presented by the American Association if Pediatrics and the Mayo Clinic have shown time and again that it is one of the safest activities for teenagers around. Much safer than say, little league baseball or JV football. And you don’t have to wear a cup and pretend the jocks are cool.
    Just saying. F*ck jetskis.

  3. Dylan Tucker Says:

    And f*ck Uncle Donny. That guy is a dick.

  4. Dylan Tucker Says:

    A lot of people ask me, “Dylan, how can you write so much? How is it that you literally know everything about anything?”
    And to that I say, “F*ck you, Uncle Donny. Give me back my chips. I only said you could have one, not take the whole freakin’ bag.”
    Or sometimes I say, “Maybe you should’ve gone to Go Skateboarding Day with EoW, you fat piece of shit- no wonder Aunt Tina left you! I mean, look at you. All you do is ride your stupid jetski around the pond and steal people’s chips. I hate you. If mom was alive I never would’ve had to stay here all summer while dad takes his new girlfriend on vacation.”
    But mostly I say, “I know everything because of the Google machine. I read a whole lot. And I do tons of speed. Like a shitload. All day. Makes typing really, really interesting.”
    Man, I need more skateboarding content from EoW or I’m going to kill someone.

  5. LUTHDAWG Says:

    That one bro needs to get a job.
    Prop’s boys
    Kyle needs to get a job too

  6. bacon Says:

    Your comments crack me up! It is the single driving force to get me to make more posts…

  7. ian Says:

    google is a weird time machine.
    dylan rules.
    boneless = so hot right now


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