Go Skate Day 2013 Recap


If your a skateboarder in Missoula and you didn’t make it down to MOBASH skate park on june 21st, then you definitely missed out on some rad times! Surprisingly it didn’t rain, despite what the weather forecast said, which made for an awesome day!. The day started out with a hefty game of skate with pretty much everyone in the park.


Flips where kicked, 360’s where spun and pop shuv-its were popped, and the final four consisted of these four little shredders. 4th place Brandon McClure, 3rd place Ben Martinez, 2nd place Kade Lunday and our winner and newest member of the EOW skate team, Liam Carney.


Next up for the day was the High Ollie contest, which is always a blast to see who has the gazelle legs. Jordan Armijo from St. Ignatius won with a high ollie of 30 inches!


Then it was nice to take a chill-a-round and eat some dogs. Here we have skate team dude Jordan Brorby doin what he do best: Eatin hot dogs


Next came the best trick, and did people throw down. We did a best trick in the kidney bowl and down the medium and big banks. Tons of trick where thrown and landed, but sadly I didnt get the winning trick (at least down the big bank.) Jordan Armijo won in the kidney with this bomber blunt air walk to fakie!


Wombat with a awesome melon


Thane Morin with a street style Benihana


Finished the day with the raddest product toss for all the little (and not so little) dudes.


Thanks to all of our sponsors and every one who came out to make Go Skate day 2013 a rad time for everyone! Now go out there and get your shred on!!!


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