EOW Skate Team Interview: Jake Spencer

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

Jake Spencer, Skate, Skate Team

jake is always this excited... always! -- photo by zak stevens

  • Name: Jake Spencer
  • DOB: 8/13/89
  • Years Skating: 6 years
  • Favorite Skater: Chris Bacon
  • Junk Food or Health Nut: Steakhouse
  • Steep Tranny or Slick Ledge: Edge Ramp
  • Video Games or Read a Book: Books… Cheaper
  • Favorite Band:The Cars
  • Star Wars or Star Trek: Tron
  • Tell us a bit about yourself:Skateboarding is my life. Every day I think about what I would do without it and I really don’t know. Probably a pirate or an ’80’s hair band drummer.

tra la la la... oh wait, what's this tree all about; bloaw! -- photo by zak stevens

tall and far, fast and fun; that's how jake does it. -- photo by zak stevens

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  1. Kyle Says:

    This kid is hotter than your uncle Jerry’s exhaust pipes after he does a burnout during lunch at the high school. So huord….

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