BOMB Skateboards

Board of Missoula Brand (BOMB) Skateboards has been around for quite sometime now. Before our shop became Edge of the World, it was called Board of Missoula and we were the first skate/snow shop to open in Montana.

Around 1995 Board of Missoula Brand Skateboards began as way to give local skaters a less expensive deck opportunity and a chance to show off some of their artwork. Over the years we have sponsored some of Montana’s best skaters and had plenty of good times.

Currently now we have the Astro Hot series decks available at Edge of the World in Missoula orĀ  here to order online. We also have some sweet T’s, Hoodies, Beanies and Hats in stock.

These graphics were brought to you by Olivia Britz-Wheat, an amazingly talented gal who used to work here at the shop a handful of years ago. She now resides in Portland and works at Fortune Tattoo.