Best trick contest video from the LRG premiere.

L-R-G premiere was a blast!

We had a great time peepin’ the new LRG video “Give Me My Money Chico” out @ 52 Skatepark last Friday. The skate session before and after was hot too. We had a best trick contest on the high ledge in honor of LRG and here is a little video proof.  2nd place was taken by Matt Robertson and 1st by EOW team rider Austin Saunders. Baboosh!

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  1. Dylan Tucker Says:

    Thanks again for an awesome time, guys!
    52’s Matt Robertson landed eight tricks in this video, and the rest of the skaters combined land ten, not counting the three tricks on the rail and bench not in the contest. Just saying- wow. Matt you killed it.

  2. Jayme Erickson Says:

    WOW Matt you killed it!!!! So smooth, Great job!

  3. bacon Says:

    Yeah, Matt was killing it. We missed a couple tricks too. Austin did a kickflip backtail, Sean (?) did a crooked grind to backside disaster, and I think there were a couple other things that went down. Good times!

  4. Dylan Tucker Says:

    Yeah Austin’s kickflip back tail was sweet, and the little Spokane boys were sick too- I missed the crooked grind to backside disaster! Can’t get over how good all the kids are these days. Thanks again to LRG and the Edge guys for making things happen for the locals.

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