Back in the day-ish…

Wed, Jan 5, 2011

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So I just had a friend ask me to dig something up from a while back and I miraculously found it. Back in 2004 Nate Sherwood held a contest through Transworld Skateboarding looking for someone who could knock out a bunch of pressure flip variations. Well, considering I started skating in 1985 and really am a skate-product of the late ’80’s and early ’90’s I spent some time on ye old pressure flips. Probably too much time. Anyway, I made this little video in about 15 minutes the day after I had gotten back from a Bacon & Egg tour to the West coast. Here is a picture of the autographed deck I won and another pressure flip photo from a few years before the contest. Check out the pants and the Hook Ups shoes!

The good old days... Photo by Shane Graff

My trophy...

4 Responses to “Back in the day-ish…”

  1. Biscuit Says:

    I remember that haircut. So harsh! 😀

  2. bacon Says:

    Heh, do you remember that Bacon & Egg tour?

  3. matt boland Says:

    did you learn barrel rolls yet? you suck!

  4. ben Says:

    i remember this presh sesh

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