Ass Shots & Bangers…

Sun, Jun 19, 2011

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Not an Ass Shot, But EOW Team rider Matt Robertson gets Bangers!

The Ass shot…….one of skateboardings most unwanted shots, until now! I recently got broke off for the summer, so i decided to lend out my camera to Kyle Garrahan and John Paul Luthy. No sence in just letting that thing sit around and just gather dust all summer right? What did they come up with??? only the sickest looking bromance video out there yet! This is the teaser to what should be an awesome video. The video will be dropping soon, stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Ass Shots & Bangers…”

  1. jordan Says:

    so fuckin sick. alec’s tuck knee was gnarly as fuhh!!

  2. Dylan Tucker Says:

    Looks sick! Those guys are good. Stoked to see this!

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