Arting Off at Edge of the World

Fantastic! First Friday at Edge of the World was everything you would expect it to be; sophisticated individuals eating cheese, sipping vino, and analyzing fine works of contemporary art.  Well, that and a lot of sweaty dudes shredding the mini-ramp, rock music, burnouts, and cheap beer. A high class affair none the less.  The night was awesome. Thank you to everyone who came out in support of  the festivities, and an extra special thank you to Zak Stevens and Natalie Smith for being amazing at what they do.

Fallow this link to more of Zak’s photos.

Jeff Thomas/ photo Zak Stevens

Travis "Chaves" Bradford/photo Zak Stevens

Photographer Zak Stevens and Artist Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Mini-Ramp Jam Results

3rd- Noah Cooper/Adam from Sandpoint, ID

2nd- Dre York

1st- Klay Beauregard

Best Trick- Dre York (back smith-270 out!!)

If you want to see more rad skate footage of these kids make sure to check out the world premier of Big Sky, a skate film by Travis Bradford. It will show on August 20th behind Edge of the World. Hope to see you there.

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  1. scott hevener Says:

    more photos from that night are here:

  2. Kyle Says:

    Scott, those pics turned out great. Thanks again for coming down and documenting the night. Great job

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