Shred Fest Re-cap

Wed, Nov 2, 2011

Andy Schultz, Events, Shop News, Snow, Snow Team


Thanks so much to everyone who came out for Shred Fest this year! We had an amazing turnout, awesome rail jam, killer dance party and a radical raffle; and we owe it all to you and our killer sponsors! Huge thanks to Alex Andrews and Burton, Andy Schulz and Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Missoula Independent, KBGA, Totally Tobey’s Productions, Polka-dot Patties, Mostad Construction, Triton Rental, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Badlander Catering, El Cazador, DJ Fleege, DJ Coma and Kid Traxiom.
Make sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled for next years event. Enjoy these great photos by Andy Kemmis and Danielle Barrow.

Rail Jam winners:
3rd – Cole Schneider
2nd – Brady Wix
1st – Colten Allen

Eric Gronnenberg – Honorable Mention

Great setting for a killer time.


Crowds baby, crowds.

The audience had great talent to watch this year.

The judges had a tough time due to all the ripping that was going.

Lady yacht rawckers!

Some serious costumes made for a great time.

The smile says it all... not sure what's wrong with that long haired guy though.

me too

2 Responses to “Shred Fest Re-cap”

  1. Dylan Tucker Says:

    I lick the Andy K. photos.
    ( And yes, I mean lick not like, buttface. I know how to type, and I know how to properly appreciate good photography. By smootchin’ it all sexy style.)
    But seriously, all those longhairs up in there make me uncomfortable. Being ambisexturous is just weird. That’s why I keep it all man, all the time. Ask any of my boyfriends.

    Sick event for Missoula! Great job EoW, keep up the good work!

  2. Jambox Shred Gear Says:

    Three tricks with Jambox shredder Colton Allen, as he takes 1st in Missoula’s Preseason Shred Fest.

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