Tidal Horn, Tornado Rider and Dead Me Downs 7/19 @ The Badlander

Fri, Jul 8, 2011

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Look close and see if you can spot Hellen Hunt and Bill Paxton

The time has come to rock!! Pull out your PBR stained denim jacket, if you’re not already wearing it, and throw on your favorite copper chain if you want to be prepared for this whirlwind of face-melting fury on July 19th. Missoula’s freshly crowned Best New Band, Tidal Horn takes the stage at 10pm to kick off the show and kick in your teeth.

The madness continues with Missoula locals Dead Me Downs, and Tornado Rider all the way from the Bay Area. These guys are wild! The trio includes electric cello, bass, and drums all of which will blow your mind. Tuesday night has never been this awesome, don’t miss it!! HAF!

2 Responses to “Tidal Horn, Tornado Rider and Dead Me Downs 7/19 @ The Badlander”

  1. Dylan Tucker Says:

    I hear bad things about that Tidal Horn group. By bad I mean good. And by good I mean awesome.
    This show will totally rock, totally. I look forward to hearing about it from all my single kidless friends!
    I’d go, but my denim jacket is stained with lite beer and wine coolers. It’s just how I roll. Better be a recap post of the gnar!!!

  2. kyle Says:

    Thanks Dylan. Stained denim is stained denim no matter what kind of sticky alcohol you spill on that ish. If you can’t make it don’t worry. I’ll be sure to hit you with all the sticky details later.

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